Words and Music by Phil Morgan and Leslie Asher

The whole world is staring so I try to hide my face.
Pictures in magazines and faces on TV
All screaming out the message of what they think I ought to be.
But I hear one voice rise above the rest, as tenderly He says...

"You are beautiful, you are lovely,
You are special and amazing.
You are beautiful, you take my breath away
And captivate my soul. You are beautiful."

I long to be loved, accepted as I am,
It's scary to be different, why can't I blend in?
What would they all think of me, if they only knew,
The mess I am deep inside and the struggles I go through.
But I hear one voice, stirring in my soul, He says, "Child, I love you so."


I cry out "God, how could you understand,"
He says "my child I know you, I formed with my hands."


"You are beautiful."


© 2008 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI