Words and Music by Suzanne Jennings and Barry Jennings

David didn't dream he could ever do it,
Being a king was gonna be hard.
But David didn't dive to the depths of confusion,
He always called for God to be his guard.

David didn't draw from the well of evil,
David had a heart that heard God's voice.
But David didn't drown in all his sorrow,
David didn't hide his holy choice.

David did dance, David did sing.
David did dance, David did swing.
David did dance, and I know why
David did dance, and so can I.

David didn't do everything that he should have,
he was always human thru and thru.
But David didn't drop everything he believed in,
and David didn't dare forget the truth.

David didn't drive down the road of perfection,
but David didn't dock on the shore of defeat.
David drank the new wine of the spirit,
and it found it's way down to his feet.


Sometimes you can't help it, Sometimes you don't care
Sometimes it's a feeling, like a breath of heaven's air
Sometimes you just smile, and other times you cry
Sometimes you begin to move and sometimes you see why



© Townsend & Warbucks Music, ASCAP