Words and Music by Phil Morgan

Growing up in a small town, her daddy laid the law down,
You could often find her sitting in a pew.
Sunday school was the best time, she'd hang on each line,
As Mrs. Johnson made those old stories seem new.
So each weekend she'd meet her best friend,
And she felt Him close beside her, though He lived in the past.
Then one Sunday morn, in her heart true love was born,
and she knew that her first love would last.

Later on in her teens, she dreamed the same dreams,
That every bright eyed girl has one time had.
She'd find Mr. Right, and love him all her life,
The years filled with good times, never bad.
Her white knight rode in, then rode back out again,
And it seemed that his forever was over much too fast.
She picks up the pieces, she remembers Jesus,
And she's glad that her first love will last.

She sings Jesus loves me and she knows that it it true,
Some times that is the only thing that helps her make it through.
She lives each day now, and hangs on somehow,
Not worrying about the future or the past.
She longs for someone, but if he never comes
That's O.K., her first love will last.


© 2004 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI