Words and Music by Phil Morgan

I stand by the strength of Jesus,
I walk just holding his hand.
With Him by my side, every need is supplied
By the power of God I stand.

I know how it feels to lay by the road,
While the rest of the world goes by,
I know how it feels to be helpless and scared,
Left without one ounce of pride.
And I know how it feels when God reaches down,
And with his touch lifts my burden away.
I've been down it's true, but I'm living proof,
That God still works today.


I know what it's like, to cry out in fear,
"O Lord, why this, why me?"
I know what it's like when all I can hear,
Is the silence of my misery.
And I know what it's like when that whisper breaks thru,
And He says, "Child, I've been here all along.
I know now you're weak, but come, lean on me,
And with my strength I'll make you strong."



© 2001 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI