Words and Music by Phil Morgan

For many years I've traveled down this path you set for me,
And I can't say that I've loved every turn.
The valleys have been lowly and the mountains oh so steep,
But every one's a lesson I have learned.
Now my path has ended at a canyon in my way,
And it's too far to see the other side.
My mind is full of questions, my heart is full of hurt,
But I'm too tired to even wonder why.

I don't want to know why you think this valley is just what I need,
I don't want to know where this winding road I'm on will one day lead,
Or who was right and who was wrong, and who the blame goes to,
I don't want to know, why or where or who, Lord I want to know you.

As I look across this valley, I can see I'm not alone,
There are others who are struggling through it too.
Some will reach the mountain and climb into the sun,
And some will fall before they make it through.
I have found that victory is not waiting at the peak,
It's found with each decision to go on.
The voices of the travelers, each singing their own tune,
Join together in a common song.


All I want to know, Lord I want to know you.

Because You are I AM,
And I am because You are.
All my life is in your hands,
Please come heal my hurting heart.


© 2001 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI