Words and Music by Phil Morgan

I wasn't there when the children of Israel walked out of Egypt that day,
Headed for freedom in a new land of promise, till the mighty red sea blocked their way.
They watched in amazement as the waters were parted, unbelievable, yet oh so real,
I wasn't there to join their rejoicing, but I know how that feels.

I was there when the curtain of darkness was parted
By the flood of God's marvelous light.
I was there when the fortress, sin built around me,
Fell to the earth with no fight.
I was there when the voice that spoke all creation
Called my name with mercy and care,
When the savior decided to save one more sinner,
Praise God, I was there.

I wasn't there when the army of Israel, marched around old Jericho.
The soldiers all knew, that walking in circles would never conquer this foe.
Then the ground started shaking and the walls began crumbling
at the sound of the ram's horn peal,
I wasn't there for that day of deliverance, oh but I know how that feels!



© 2010 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI