Words and Music by Phil Morgan and Leslie Asher

Sunday morning, church bell ringing, Lord, we're late again.
I couldn't find my keys or bible, patience wearing thin,
Man, this rain is pouring down
In the backseat kids are screaming, drowning out the sound.

Up ahead, a white haired couple standing in the rain,
Stop to help, step in a puddle, I start to complain.
But they're laughing like two kids.
The old man points and grins, "that tire went flat again"

I shake my head and ask, "What's funny 'bout this mess?"
His blue eyes sparkle as he winks at me and says.

Life is joy and life is pain, there are no guarantees.
Its ups and downs and twists and turns, it's time spent on my knees.
I know there's Love from up above and one day he'll take me home
But until then, I'll keep on keepin on.

I wipe my hands, wave goodbye as the couple drives away,
Off to church, it's almost over, but go in anyway.
The choir sings a last refrain
I close my eyes, raise my hands, lift my voice in praise.

An usher stops to ask, "Is everything OK?"
I shake my head and start to laugh as I hear myself say...


Keep on pushing, keep on pressing
Keep on praying, Keep on giving, Keep on living,


But until then, I'll keep on keepin' on.


© 2008 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI