Words and Music by Phil Morgan and Donna Jaree Brooks

I'm just a kid at heart and when the snowflakes start,
Suddenly I'm five years old again.
Already made my list, can't wait to see my gifts.
At Christmas time I'm just a kid at heart.

For eleven months I'm sophisticated, refined, mature and domesticated,
A responsible adult in every way.
But Christmas time you go half-crazy, goofy grins and eyes all hazy
Acting a mere fraction of your age.


This guy whose usually practical, one year bought our two year old
A monster truck with red flames on the side.
But hey, that's really not so strange. Who knows? There may come a day
When Barbie wants to take Ken for a ride.


I have to admit, it's fun when a gift can make your big eyes glow,
You'll be glowing too, cause my present for you,
Is waiting here beneath the mistletoe.


It's fun to reminisce about the girls I've kissed…
At Christmas time I'm just a kid at heart.
At Christmas time we're all just kids at heart.


© 2018 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI / So Grateful Publishing, ASCAP