Words and Music by Phil Morgan

Sitting in the living room of my good friend's home,
Sharing all the stories of the blessings we have known.
Every one is different, but they prove without a doubt,
That the God of love still loves us, and he loves to help us out.

One friend tells of doctors that God has proven wrong,
And there's a living testimony who should've been long gone.
Another shares of hard times when the money had run out,
'Til an envelope without a note held just the right amount.

Miracles still happen everyday,
They show up in the most amazing ways.
If you choose to see life through the simple eyes of faith.
Miracles still happen everyday.

We may not see the dead rise up from the grave,
But that doesn't mean that God's not working yet today.
For the darkest heart, that's lost and dead in sin,
With one touch from God, it will live again.


Miracles still happen ... everyday.


© 2004 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI