Words and Music by Phil Morgan

I remember well the moment when we first met,
And that night you said you'd love me ever more.
How you used to long to be around me,
Oh, how I'd love to feel your love once more.
As the years went by I felt the distance grow,
Though I was always there to hold you when you'd cry.
There's a scene that's burned deep in my memory,
The day you left and didn't say goodbye.

Oh I stood with open arms, I pleaded and I begged,
But I watched you turn your back and simply walk away.
I promised you a love that never fails,
But you chose for us to part, that day you broke my heart,
And it hurt more than the nails.

I guess you've never understood how deep my love for you,
Though it's written in the scars upon my face.
I saw that you could never pay sin's awful price,
So on the hill of death I took your place.
I stretched out on a cross that was made for you,
And for your love I suffered all that pain.
With my dying breath I said, "I love you."
Oh, please don't say I did it all in vain.

Oh, I hung with open arms nailed to that rugged tree,
And I watched you bow your head and turn your back on me...


Now I stand with open arms, I'm pleading desperately,
For you to change your mind and come back home to me.
I promise you my love never fails,
But to spend eternity, without you here with me,
That would hurt more than the nails.


© 2001 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI