Words and Music by Phil Morgan, Mark Hawkins and Melanie Watson

All throughout the ages, wise ones heard the call,
To trace God's thread of mercy, His promise for us all.
How could they imagine, that God's salvation plan,
Would start with just one mother and one man?

One Bethlehem night, one star shining bright
One baby born, what a wonderful sight
When heaven came down, one savior was found
One Bethlehem night.

Following a vision, following a star,
Across the scorching desert, they traveled from afar
To a lowly manger, amazed at what they saw.
There on the hay there lay the Lord of all.

They marveled at his majesty, they worshipped at His feet,
As shepherds shared the story of a vision they had seen.
Choirs of heaven's angels with one voice began to sing,
"Hosanna in the highest, Glory to the newborn King"

CHORUS 2 times

One glory divine, one hope for mankind,
Came one Bethlehem night.


© 2018 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI / JCandME Music, BMI