Words and Music by Phil Morgan and Sue Smith

Every 30 seconds a new book is being printed,
Everywhere you turn there's more to read.
It's hard to tell the difference between the fact and fiction.
What should you ignore? What should you believe?

Read the red, just read the red
Truth is written in the color of the blood that Jesus shed.
If you want to know what's wrong or right
Read more than just the black and white
And build your faith upon what Jesus said,
Open up your Bible, read the red.

Running through the Bible is a thread that's colored crimson,
Every page is pointing us to Christ.
He's the power of salvation, if we will only listen
To Words that bring us hope, Words that bring us life.


There's wisdom in His words.
There's mercy in His love.
There's glory in the cross
And there's power in the blood.



© 2010 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI / Universal Music -
Brentwood Benson Publishing / CCTB Music - ASCAP