Words and Music by Phil Morgan

In the seasons of life, there is an ebb and flow,
Sometimes your energy is high and other times it's low.
You wait upon your second wind for strength to carry on,
But what happens when your second wind's already come and gone?

I passed my second wind, just ___ and it was gone.
I'm breezing thru the day to day just barely hanging on,
I'm holding out for something, some people say's absurd.
I passed my second wind, now I'm waiting for my third.

This old body thru the years, has become a symphony,
From the ringing in my ears, to the crackle of my knees,
Those spicy foods I used to love, now rumble down below,
I warn you friend, take cover when you hear that trumpet blow!



© 2010 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI