Words and Music by Phil Morgan and Kevin Stokes

Another sleepless night, another day to walk this shadowed path.
She wonders how much longer she can last
Living with regret, the choices that she made,
Watching the colors of her life start to fade.

Silence drives her from her home, to a safe and sacred place.
Surrounded yet alone, she hides her heart as she hides her face.

She cries, she cries,
Her heart can't hold the feelings, she's feeling inside
She cries.

A story from the book, the pastor paints the picture rich and real,
As vivid as the hopelessness she feels,
A woman caught in sin, with guilt that weighs her down,
Then forgiveness falls like stones to the ground

Now the message from the past overwhelms her hurting soul.
She understands at last, she's free to live and free to hope,


Mercy for mistakes, who'd make such a trade for her sin,
What kind of love would take her place,
But Jesus gave his all, so she could safely fall
Into the arms of grace.


But Jesus wipes the tears from her eyes - she cries.


© 2008 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI / Songs From The Basement, BMI