Words and Music by Phil Morgan

The battle line was drawn with a rugged cross upon,
That old Golgotha hill.
Satan swung his sword, tore the body of the Lord,
'til He hung limp and still.
Then they laid him in the ground and started in the count,
But only got to three.
God dealt the winning blow when He rolled away the stone,
Now Death where is your sting?

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But they're no match for God.
He alone stepped from His throne
Onto this earthly sod.
Satan beamed with pride when God was crucified,
But his laughing turned to groans,
'Cause crosses and graves to the Ancient of Days,
Are only sticks and stones.

Satan comes to me with a smile of victory,
And says I don't stand a chance.
He reminds me of my sin, every time I've given in
To his deceiving dance.
Then I point him to a hill and a tomb that's empty still,
and he hangs his head in shame,
'Cause he knows that I have won by the power of the Son,
When I call upon that name.


Sticks and stones, that's all they were to Him,
God alone, the only sacrifice for the price of my sin.




© 2001 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI