Words and Music by Phil Morgan and Helga Kaefer

A cardboard box of memories, scattered on the floor,
With tokens of the broken fragments of forever more.
Pieces of a love as lost as Cinderella's shoe,
But there was no Prince Charming when the fancy ball was thru.

Wading thru confetti of my torn and shredded dreams,
I stumble on a humble book of ancient poetry.
The story of a king whose love would reach beyond the grave,
Yet even more amazing, it was me He died to save.

Nothing compares to the love that Jesus has for me.
Oh, it goes on and on for all eternity.
No other could ever, ever love me more.
I've never known love like this before.

Beyond the widest ocean that my mind can comprehend,
From high above the heavens His love reaches down; 
He calls me friend.
No other could ever, ever love me more.



© 2014 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI / Ketone Songs, ASCAP