Words and Music by Phil Morgan

I'm walking the walk, me and Jesus side by side.
Following the steps of the Father with the Spirit as my guide.
It's true sometimes I stumble, but one fact can't be denied,
Day by day and step by step I'm walking the walk.

I can't say this life has been a stroll down shady lane,
I've had my share of problems, perplexity and pain.
But even when I'm struggling blind and lost without a clue,
My Savior stands beside me and He always pulls me thru.


In my heart I'd like to be a hero of the faith,
Somedays it seems that baby steps are all that I can take,
I focus on the Father, and I follow where He leads,
My faithful friend says to the end, He'll always walk with me, you see...


Gotta keep walking, gotta walk on, gotta keep,
Gotta keep walking the walk.


Day by day, step by step,
Day by day and step by step I'm walking.
I've gotta keep walking, I'm walking the walk.


© 2004 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI