Words and Music by Kenna Turner West & Patti Hawkins

Tired of empty promises I knew were meant to break,
Had enough half hearted tries and magnified mistakes.
I thought I had reached my end, but I found out that's where you begin,
Do I really want to be, all that you can make of me?

Yes, I do, want to make a new start,
Giving Him my whole heart, no more delays.
Yes, I do, want to have a close walk,
Want to hear my Lord talking everyday.
Do I want to be a faithful servant tried and true?
Yes, I do. Oh, I do. Yes, I do. You know I do.

I'm submitted, I'm committed fully to His call,
No resisting, He's insisting that I give it all.
There's no going back this time, do I want to cross the line?



© 2004 Willow Branch Publishing (adm. by Gaither Copyright Mgt.)/BMI