Words and Music by Phil Morgan and Leslie Asher

I waste too many days,
Dwelling on my failures and regrets,
It's time I move on, move on to what lies ahead.
You see me for what I'll be, not for what I was.

You move me to dream big dreams,
You hold out hope I've never held before.
You move me beyond myself,
And give me strength to walk thru any door.
I love the way you move and
I love the way you move me.

I'm tired of the dull and the gray,
Paint my life with the colors of your brush.
No more boring and safe, I'm ready to reach out and trust,
Adventure's around the bend, you say, "come on let's go..."


Fear can hold me back and doubts will try to stop me.
But I'll keep my eyes on you.


I love the way you move me, I love the way you move me.


© 2008 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI