Words and Music by Phil Morgan

A crying woman on the edge of town,
With a crowd leading her away.
It's been a while, but she's walked this road before,
The day she laid her husband in the grave.

She thinks "Life is cruel, and I can't take much more,
'Cause I'm just flesh and bone.
Now my only son has gone to join his father,
And they have left me all alone."

Then a stranger steps out of the crowd,
He says, "Young man I say to you arise."
And a broken hearted mama has her greatest prayer fulfilled,
There are more than tears of sorrow in her eyes, as He says...

You're not alone, you never have to be
Alone, you can always call on me.
When the storms of life chill you to the bone,
Just remember, you're not alone.

A lonely woman on a hot summer day,
Goes to draw some water from the well.
Deep in her heart she'd like to run away,
'Cause her life has been an awful tale to tell.

She's had five husbands, and each broke her heart,
And left her to wallow in her shame.
The man that she loves now, she knows he's not the one,
He won't even let her share his name.

There's a stranger, by the side of the well,
One look and her fears fall away.
He gives her water that fills her emptiness,
And she cries out when she hears Him say...


Years have passed and the times have changed,
But hurting hearts still cry out in pain.
Those who listen with their souls and not their ears,
Still hear a voice that's been calling through the years.



© 2001 Jammin' Gentile Music, BMI