By Terry Hudson
Christian Music Consultant, Hudson Media Concepts

As an artist consultant working in Christian music, my job has been to attend a great many concerts over the years. I have attended so many, in fact, that sometimes I feel like there is nothing new. I have seen it all. Many times, I have even let my attention deficit kick in and left concerts early. Not expecting anything different, I arrived for yet another concert on this particular night. However, I was about to have a change of heart. The artist was a husband and wife duo from the Midwest. Their names were Phil and Pam Morgan.

I was familiar with their story. Pam had become a quadriplegic after a tragic car accident traveling between concerts. Doctors had given her little hope. However, Pam's faith in God and the prayers of others shocked the naysayers, when she stood up one year later and walked onto a concert stage to sing once again. A truly miraculous story. The power of Almighty God seen in this day and age. It was so astounding that the world took notice. Soon the couple was guests on television shows such as Oprah and 700 Club. Secular Newspapers and magazines, such as Women's World, could not ignore the handprint of God on their lives.

As the lights dimmed in the concert, a video reenactment of the accident came on the screen. The display of courage and determination finally culminating in the unbelievable scene of Pam standing was incredibly emotional. The narrator proclaimed "Walk on out here Pam." With that, Phil and Pam took the stage singing, "I stand by the power of Jesus." What a powerful testimony to start this concert! They paused after the first song for what was one of the longest standing ovations I have ever witnessed. Tears fill the eyes of everyone in the room. I found myself hooked. Who can ignore such anointing?

As their music continued, I was amazed at the Biblical strength and truth portrayed in Phil's songwriting. His spontaneous humor in between songs had everyone laughing, myself included. Soon I realized I was having a great time. Through the warm and playful banter back and forth between the couple, I noticed something that I had not seen in some time from a duet. They were a team whose love and support of each other was obvious. This overflowed during their song "Jesus, Janet and Joe," a song about Christ being the center of a successful marriage.

When I thought I had seen it all from the Morgan's, Phil sat down at the piano displaying incredible musicianship on the classic Hymn "Great Is Thy Faithfulness." This message, along with Pam's honest and personal experiences she briefly shared, rang clear that no matter what, God is sovereign. He cares and He understands. God's presence filled the air as they closed with the song "You're Not Alone."

I was so touched I went back to each of the six concerts they held that weekend, including a women's conference. Each time it felt as if I were seeing it for the first time. The next business day I couldn't wait to hit the phones and the Internet. I was on fire to let Christian music industry people, radio stations, and Pastors know about this incredible experience.

I strongly encourage you not to miss the blessing God has for you through the ministry of Phil and Pam Morgan. His miracle is waiting for you, too.

Phil and Pam invite you to "experience the miracle" as they powerfully present their amazing story. For more information on Phil & Pam Morgan, go to their website at or call 888-523-4492.